Thierry Depaulis

It is impossible to be involved in the literature of card and board games without running across the name Thierry Depaulis. He is the author of two books which are prominent on my reference shelf:

Depaulis, Thierry. Les Loix du Jeu Bibliographie de la litterature technique des jeux de cartes en francais avant 1800. Suivie d'un supplement couvrant les annees 1800-1850. Cymbalum Mundi. 1994. 71pp.

This is the definitive bibliography of books in French on playing cards. Because of its exhaustive listing of the various editions of Academie des Jeux, it is a great resource for trictrac and other table games, chess, checkers, etc.

Depaulis, Thierry. Histoire du Bridge Paris: Bornemann. 1997. 175pp.

This is absolutely the best of the many books which purport to tell the history of bridge.


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